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Mens Sunglasses

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Womens Sunglasses

Our womens sunglasses protect your eyes and look good doing it. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite pair and get out there. More »

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Yuna #1433

This structured sunglasses case has a zip closure and handy clip. 170mm L x 75 mm W x 78 mm H (Seriously who even measures in millimeters?)

Canoe #1115 Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

Ironically these copper-lensed aviators are made for the road not the water.

Eden #2690 Womens Retro Square Sunglasses

Polarized lenses and a trendy shape make these shades feel like a little slice of heaven. Nay of Eden.

Limestone #1444 Mens Square Sunglasses

Limestone is a very strong type of rock that is used in constructing buildings. We won’t go that far with these sunglasses but they do have lightweight aluminum temples.

Moosehead #4619 Mens Sport & Wrap-Around Sunglasses

Your newest driving shades. As in driving on the road not the driving range. Although I guess you could use these polarized sunglasses for both. You know what forget what we said

Ortiz #4313 Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

Introducing a game-changer. These modified aviators with polarized lenses are a real homerun.

Pioneer #1557 Unisex Retro Square Sunglasses

Hammock wood sunglasses (well they’re faux wood but could’ve fooled us) and the great outdoors. What more do you need? Maybe a flask…definitely don’t forget your flask.

Reservoir #6003 Unisex Retro Square Sunglasses

See clearly while on the road and look cool doing it. All hail the copper driving lenses.

Indus #7377 Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

Your current aviators have a slim chance of surviving being sat on. With durable TR90 temples these matte aviators have a better chance.

Lagoon #3111 Unisex Round Sunglasses

Born in the wrong decade eh? These oversized round sunglasses feel the exact same way.